The Three “O”s.

God is:

  • Omnipotent – all powerful
  • Omniscient – all knowing
  • Omnipresent – all (everywhere) present

Power, knowledge, presence: these are three human qualities we would like more of. When we say that God has all of these in spades, do we mean that God is a superman or super woman? Are we simply creating God in the image of ourselves, albeit a super-duper version of ourselves? Is this not idolatry?

Perhaps in applying these epithets we are attempting to know the unknowable, to name the unnameable. In doing so, we reduce the Divine to a being—and an ugly one at that. If a being is all powerful, knows everything and is present everywhere, then that being is allowing some pretty bad things to happen.

We can only touch awareness of the Divine Essence when we enter the silence suspending all reason and all thought and that experience is indescribable, or when the Spirit touches us unexpectedly.


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